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Shree Bhawani Paper Mills Limited
We have used NatureVel-MB Product of Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd., Dehradun in our 5.5 MLD ETP plant. We observed that MLSS generation in ETP is satisfactory. There is remarkable improvement in our ETP.
M.D. Shadep
In Conclusion, it may be said that application of Nature Vel-AG to crops especially to vegetables is very useful to the health conscious consumers as the product is organic in nature. So NatureVel-AG, besides being organic it also performs the triple actions which leads to increasing crop productivity and hence ...
ICRA Research complex Sikkim Center
It was found that mustard(var. M-27) gain yield was significantly increased by 13.8 per cent. Soil samples have been collected for analysis. Further, it must be mentioned that the convenience of use of NatureVel-AG is much higher that any other similar product.
Camlin kokuyo
“…WE found them very much active and alert in maintaining the plant. With their services the following achievement has been observed: BOD reduction was by 59.80% to 15 ppm, COD reduced by 49.32% to 75 ppm, TSS reduced by 63.13% to 20 ppm. No foul odour was there. Clarity of ...
Bright Star Hotels Pvt. Ltd.
We have tried out the product namely NatureVel-WW to eliminate the bad odour in our Grease Traps & ETP which is manufactured and supplied by M/s Clover Organics Pvt. Ltd. Dehradun. We find this product NatureVel-WW is highly useful and gives wonderful results in odour, BOD, COD & TSS controlling. ...
Gajendra Sahni
We have been using the wastewater stabilizer in our factory and it has been very effective in treating the waste as the amount of pollutants in the wastewater are under CPCB regulations and it also helps with the horrible smell from the waste.
Amit BansalOwner Poultry Farm
I bought the feed supplements for my poultry farm and I started to notice a change as they were producing eggs more frequently and were in better condition than they were before.