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Clover Facts

Clover was created with the promise to create global transformation through innovative and ecological solutions.

 And that is exactly what we have been doing the past 5 years!! To this end, we have been striving relentlessly to create solutions, which are unique, organic in nature, simple to implement and economical. We firmly believe that development can take place along with environment conservation. We also feel that pollution in different forms can also be arrested or mitigated through ecological solutions. Nature has all the answers. We have always embraced Bio-mimicry for solutions to any challenges faced by us.

We relish challenges!! We consider ourselves as an entity striving to sometimes achieve the impossible!  Our solutions are non-conventional, which do not use any toxic chemicals or energy!

We have positioned ourselves as a technology hub, which creates need based products and solutions.These products are being marketed through a wide network of dealers, B2B and B2C arrangement. Each of our targeted segments carries a set of solutions, where we use our organic products as tools to implement the same.

These products are being manufactured at our factory in Dehradun.

Clover is run by a dedicated Team of professionals from diverse experience and qualifications ranging from Environmental Engineering, microbiology, IT, Production, Finance etc with the above vision in mind. We proudly call ourselves the ‘Clover Team’. Each of our team member is a professional in his/ her own field. They are self-motivated and create everyday miracles in their working.  They relentlessly ensure client satisfaction at all times.

“If we look at both process and design solutions from Nature, innumerable solutions emerge, which are simple, exciting, ecological, economical and sustainable.”