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Clover and Biotechnology

Nature always works to create a balance or sustainability. It uses its army of 5 nonillion microorganisms on earth (5×1054) to help create this amazing balance. Mankind, in spite of all advancePresentation props - 219 of 280ments has been able to understand about 5% of these amazing creatures owing to their microscopic size and complexity! Microbes or bacteria are one of the most important tool that nature uses to bring order or stability into any Eco-system. If raw sewage gets into an otherwise clean soil or water, nature automatically produces trillions of these beneficial microbes to counter the problem in the form of Rhodopseudomonous, Nitrogen fixing microbes etc.

Many beneficial microbes come into play, thus telling us that nature always works in consortium of microbes to bring about any meaningful change. Initially, single strain miccompetitve exclusionrobes were used to create a difference in agriculture, like Azotobacter, PSBs, rhodopseudomonas palustris etc.  These microbes make an impact, but average efficacy is limited. They have to fight for supremacy or what is called ‘competitive exclusion’  against billions of microbes in the soil, which is overwhelming. This issue was studied by many Companies across the globe and as a result a consortium approach was created. In a typical consortium, 2-3 microbes are used together for a specific purpose. At Clover, we have managed to create a consortium containing at least 10 different strains of microbes with a plate count of at least 25 million cfu (colony forming units)

Microorganisms play a vital role in supporting and maintaining nature and life. They keep nature clean by removing toxins from water and soil, and degrade organic matter from dead plants and animals. In the human body they aid in digestion and help prevent invasion by harmful bacteria. Without bacteria, life would not be possible.

Adding a consortium of microbes to a given Eco-system seldom works on its own until an enabling ‘environment’ is created for the consortium to carry out its job efficiently. This is why most Companies are not able to deliver results through bio-augmentation for wastewater treatment, composting of organic waste, increasing crop yield etc. We at Clover have managed to understand creation of this vital environment through lots of trials and research. We are thus today offering our solutions rather than just sell products to our clients.