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Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal

Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal is the CEO and Founder of Clover Organic. He is an MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur. He always wanted to do something to conserve the environment, but did not like the use of chemicals or energy, as it would go against the spirit of sustainability. He firmly believed in deployment of organic technologies in his quest for success, but lacked the know how.He was introduced into the world of beneficial microbes by accident in the late 1990s and while working with them realized their awesome potential to create a better world. However, he quickly realized that mere application of products cannot solve organic problems being faced by mankind, microbes need an environment to do their amazing job. Hence he started creating ecological and innovative solutions in the field of Wastewater treatment, solid waste management, agriculture, aquaculture and animal husbandry along with his team.


Mrs. Pinky Aggarwal

Mrs. Aggarwal though was associated with the garment Industry for a buying house in Delhi for many years and worked with many clients abroad. She took over the reigns of Clover to manage HR and Finances in a manner that helped the organization to cut costs and increase sales over a period of time. She has the uncanny ability to judge the passion of any new recruit that the Company hires for its projects. She has brought in a lot of discipline into the organization and has set values and systems that ensures that Clover delivers the best possible quality of products and services to its clients.


Mr. Sunil Malhotra

Mr. Malhotra founder of Ideafarms, a Design + Innovation company that pioneered using concepts and approaches of Industrial Design in the software industry. Belief in individual talent and the power of interdisciplinary teams provided the impetus for his founding Ideafarms – a business model based on the simple tenet that ‘everything produced by human beings is meant for use by other human beings’. Ideafarms’s user- orientation drives its technology vision and not the other way around, in many ways making the company strikingly different from the norm.


Mr. Vivek Chopra

He has been Training, Managing, Consulting or Coaching people for over 25+ years. With a wide variety of experience in supervising and managing business and training over 45000 people in various ways. His specialties have been Coaching and Training in Effective Action, Productivity, Execution, Managing Teams, Life Balance, Managing and Reducing Stress and Sales Productivity through Integrity, Leadership, Organization and Control! He is supporting Clover in creating strategies to grow exponentially across various segments.