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Creating concern for the environment in the young & ignited minds!

20th & 21st November 2015: We always knew that the younger generation are amazing and often underestimated by the majority for their ability to make a positive change! We decided to teach them about environment conservation and a method to eradicate hunger through our model of Vertical Farming. We came back wiser! It was a truly rewarding experience for us to and we would like to thank the Staff and Management of Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun for making this happen. Many more interventions are now being planned across Schools by Clover.

Interactive Class in progress!

The interaction was interactive. We divided the students into 2 teams and set in a competitive spirit of winning chocolates! Answers were derived by the students and not simply given by us. This meant that the teams had to discuss among themselves and come up with their own answers that the opposing team judged them and gave them commensurate marks! Below is a picture of such a ‘heated discussion’ taking place.

Group Discussions between teams in progress! Heated arguments occurred, which was a thrill to watch!

On asking what change they will make after learning about the situation and technology, the answers were amazing! Our PM would have been truly proud of these ignited minds!

ST4ST8The students were taught how to judge the quality of soil just by smelling it! All of them brought soil from their homes and a great ‘sniffing’ exercise followed! The importance of Geosmin made by Actinomycetes microbes was explained in brief.


ST6Students in their respective teams planted saplings in already created Vertical Farming cylinders made by the Staff of Clover and the School. They vowed to look after their respective cylinders and make them grow healthy vegetables.

ST7It was heartening to watch kids taking their time to plant each sapling with a lot of care. Many of them treated them as small babies! Many students want to replicate ‘Vertical Farming’ across all open areas of the School so that their school becomes self-sufficient in their requirement of organically grown fresh vegetables!

We wish all the students and staff all the best and hope that they will live up to their dreams!