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We just do not talk; we walk the talk as well!! Our team is ever ready to take up environmental issues on a project mode to support communities on one hand and various stakeholders on the other hand. The community benefits when they experience various benefits through a professionally executed project and the stakeholders benefit as they are able to meet their mandate efficiently and also go through a process of capacity building while working with our staff so that they can take on tougher challenges in the future!

We have decided to extend this service as we have often found that multiple environmental projects lack long term sustainability in terms of financial viability and/ or community taking ownership of the work they are supposed to do. With the result, all the good work done by many stakeholders comes to naught within a small period of exiting from a project.

Projects executed by Clover typically go through the following phases:

  1. Detailed discussions with stakeholders on tangible objectives: We help articulate these objectives in a manner that they become measurable. We firmly believe that what you cannot measure, one can never manage!!
  2. Carrying out a detailed survey: Without understanding the needs of the community, their cultural practices and possible challenges, it becomes a fruitless exercise to execute any project. Often we have witnessed a disconnect between what the community wants and what is delivered or designing an intervention without a thought to the practices already being followed. On both counts, it becomes difficult to bring about any meaningful intervention.
  3. Building appropriate strategies: With the help of the stakeholders and the community, we devise strategies to achieve the objectives. These are then placed on a PERT chart to ensure each strategy step is time bound, there is accountability and clarity of roles.
  4. Training: We have devised an innovative method of carrying out training. This ensures that learning becomes interactive and fun! All participants are made to find their own answers rather than being given the answers through a lecture.
  5. Documentation: We have devised an MIS (Management Information Service) that ensures that only relevant information is collected and shared both internally and externally.
  6. Community engagement: From day one, the community becomes an internal part of the project. They not only help plan the project, but also help run it! Awareness campaigns and financial stakes are taken on prior agreement. Their involvement and stake goes on increasing through a pre-planned strategy. Their monthly feedback is taken and all valuable suggestions or issues are highlighted and immediately acted upon.
  7. Financial transparency: Accounts are audited both internally and externally. Financial data is shared with the stakeholders and the community so that everyone knows where each penny is getting invested and the what benefits are being derived as a result.

We have provided an illustrative list of project objectives that can be taken up under different segments on the left. If you wish us to take up from the suggested theme or do something different, then write to us and we shall try to measure up to your expectations.