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Agriculture, Aquaculture and Animal Husbandry

  • Increase profitability of farmers through CRY: Complete package of practices are provided along with handholding to ensure that the farmers are able to reduce their Cost of cultivation, get better Rate due to superior quality and be able to increase their Yields as well.
  • Ensuring food and nutrition security through organic garden: We help the villagers to create Organic kitchen gardens in their back yards. The garden is able to cater to the food and nutritional requirements of the family.
  • Farmer Driven Markets: We help make organic go mainstream by making it affordable for everyone. Local demand is met through local cultivation and the marketing is done by farmers themselves. In many States, the concept merely strengthens an existing system of farmers carrying out marketing.
  • Farmer Driven Extension: For many years, farmers go to progressive farmers for advice on what to grow, how to grow and when to grow. This concept merely strengthens an existing culture of farmers placing their beliefs on fellow farmers only rather than a Government extension staff or an NGO. The system can increase penetration right down to the grass root level of best practices and technologies on a financially sustainable mode.
  • Formation of Organic Board: Implementing organic requires convergence of multiple stakeholders right from all the Government departments and consumers. Clover helps to set up an Organic Board that would help felicitate this convergence.
  • Implementing Organic Farming as a Service Provider: Clover provides hand-holding to the local youth in implementing organic farming in all aspects. The services include production, marketing, training etc in a time bound manner.
  • Mass scale composting as a tool for livelihood and awareness raising for the community: Composting is the food for the soil and not the crop. Without providing the soil proper nourishment, farmers cannot bring in financial and ecological sustainability. The project aims at composting in mass scale that not only nourishes the soil, but also sends a strong organic message to all stakeholders and creates a means of livelihood for the farmers through sale or barter of compost.
  • Integrated farming: By incorporating agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture, address not only the food and nutritional security, but also ensure high income for the farmers.
  • Creating Urban Agriculture: Clover has formed simple solutions to create organic gardens. These can be either on your rooftops or balconies or on land, in case the same is available. The concept of vertical farming has been incorporated where about 500-600 sq feet of space is available.