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Clover® – GT (White Gut disease Controller) - CLOVER®-GT is 100% natural and organic product to bring about wide range benefits for aquaculture farmers for growing healthy prawn. Farmers earn higher income through increased yield, better rates owing to superior quality besides the reduced cost of production. CLOVER®-GT is a dual-purpose prebiotic & probiotic product which is simply mixed in the prawn feed. It is manufactured from naturally occurring microbes which help to improve their digestive system. Description: A  coarse yellowish brown powder with a sweet smell. Composition: Proprietory fibrous ingredients, Lactobacillus sps. Bifidobacterium sps.  Saccharomyces sps., Rhodopseudomonas  palustaris, Bacillus sps. Potency: 8x 109 cfu/gram. Storage: Store between 10 oC - 35oC temperature. Packing sizes available: 1kg  packet


    Mode of Action: Microorganisms present in Clover-GT, when ingested along with feed by prawns, reach and colonise their gut excluding pathogenic bacteria by competitive exclusion. This competitive inhibition of pathogenic microorganisms keeps checking on various diseases like White Gut disease, Yellowhead syndrome, Vibriosis and White Spot Syndrome(WSSV).  Colonization by probiotics also leads to increased immunity among prawns. Probiotic microorganisms also release enzymes like amylases and proteases that helps in improving digestion and making nutrients available for absorption. This leads in the good feed to conversion ratio(FCR). Moreover, Prebiotics present  in Clover-GT keeps gut healthy and clean.  Benefits: 1)  Controls White Gut disease: Clover®-GT when applied with feed helps in controlling white gut disease. 2)  Improves Digestion: In fishes, Clover®-GT stimulates hepatopancreatic activity and improves digestive capacity and immune system. 3)  Improves FCR: The digestive enzymes in Clover®-GT enhance the digestion and nutrient absorption thereby improving the Feed Conversion Ratio/(FCR). 4)  Improves Survival Rate: It competitively inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria or Vibrios. It helps to reduce mortality in fish and prawns by controlling dreaded diseases like White Spot and Yellow Head syndrome and building their immunity system.
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Application procedure:

    Application procedure: Clover®- GT For Prawns: Mix 3% powder with the feed overnight before  application (For 100kg feed mix 3kg Clover®-GT). For best results: Use it along with NatureVel®-AQ & NatureVel®-EcoPond regularly. Best before 1year from the date of manufacturing.


    Caution: Do not mix with any biocide or antimicrobial product.

Pack sizes

    • 1 KG



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