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1 Kg


Clover® – AQ (Feed supplement for Fish and Prawns) - Clover® – AQ is a powder, which is simply mixed in the fish or prawn feed.  Though it can be used separately, best effects are seen when it is used in combination with NatureVelTM - AQ. Both products are manufactured from naturally occurring microbes found in curd, bread etc. The microbes are non-GM (Genetically Modified) and not exotic.


    1. Helps create better FCR: Clover® – AQ being a powerful pro-biotic, helps to create a better FCR for the farmers.
    2. Reduces mortality: It competitively inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria or produce substances that inhibit the growth of the pathogenic bacteria or Vibrios. It helps to reduce mortality in fish and prawns by controlling dreaded diseases like white spot and yellow head syndrome and building up their immunity system.
    3. They create better molting for prawns.

Application procedure:

    • Clover® – AQ: Simply mix up to 3% powder with the feed overnight before application.


Pack sizes

    • 1 Kg



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