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Clover® – AH (Probiotic Cattle and Pig Feed Additive) - NatureVelTM - AH and Clover® – AH are the most advanced Feed Additives to bring about wide scale benefits for animals. While NatureVelTM - AH is a liquid concentrate, Clover® – AH is a powder, which is simply mixed in the feed of the animals and birds. Though they can be used separately, best effects are seen when they are used in combination. They are manufactured from naturally occurring microbes found in curd, bread etc. The microbes are non-GM (Genetically Modified) and not exotic. They provides multitude of benefits within 20-30 days as follows:


    1. Increase in quality: The quality of produce improves, which normally fetches a higher rate for the farmers. Egg yolk becomes a lot thicker enabling a toothpick to stand for about 10 minutes
    2. Improvement in immune system leading to reduction in diseases: They swiftly relive Bloat or tympany commonly observed in ruminants and other animals, which can threaten the life of animal, if left unattended. They help to relieve Mastitis disease and suppress ecto-parasitic infestation by mites, ticks, flies, lice etc., which are very common in livestock, poultry and pets.
    3. Digestion improvement: They act as a digestive and appetite stimulant, which promotes efficient digestion and better assimilation of the nutrients leading to excellent health, weight gain and optimum productivity as a result it achieves better FCR.
    4. Anti – stress and anti-oxidant agent: They act as anti-stress and as an anti-oxidants. They help reduce stress caused through transportation, temperature variations, weaning, parturition, high production, de-worming, exposure to antibiotics and other chemical medications etc. Such stresses cause adverse effects on their growth, production and feed conversion efficiency.

Application procedure:

    The products need to be directly used for all Animal Husbandry operations. No multiplication or further dilutions should be attempted. The application rates for different animals and birds would be as follows:
    1. Oral intake: (Both NatureVelTM – AH & Clover® – AH
      Dairy cows 1:500 100 ml / head/day or 2 Tbsp (30 ml) per 15 L of water. Up to 3% in feed over night before application
      Calves 1: 1,000 60 ml / head/ day or 1 Tbsp (15 ml) per 15 L of water.
      Sheep/ Pigs 1:1,000 ¾ Tbsp (10 ml) per 4 L of water 1.50 Tbsp (25 ml) per 10 L of water.
      Poultry(Adult Birds) 1:5,000 1 Tbsp (15 ml) per 100 L of water or 15 ml per 100 birds/ day
      Poultry(Chicks and small birds) 1: 10,000 ¾ Tbsp (10 ml) per 100 L of water or 8 ml per 100 chicks/ day
    2. Floor washing: 10 ml of NatureVelTM – AH to be diluted in 10 L of water and sprayed in about 800 sq feet of floor area. This should be done daily or as often as possible for animals and weekly intervals for birds.
    3. Bath (for animals only): While giving animals a bath, mix NatureVelTM - AH with water @ 1:1,000.
    4. Mist spray: Dilute NatureVelTM - AH in water (100 ml per 100 L of water) and carry out a mist spray with the help of misting nozzles. Do this as often as possible. This is mainly for farms fitted with mist sprays.


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