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1 Ltr,500 ml


Eliminix – Plant Origin Immuno Modulator - EliminixTM is a powerful biopesticide made from the extracts of well-chosen herbs found in nature. It is an effective pest repellent, which is prepared from herbs having pest repelling alkaloids fermented with the beneficial microbial consortium. The group of alkaloids derived through fermentation has performance-enhancing functional media to at against various types of insects and pests. The product may be used on all crops up to harvest time. The presence of beneficial microorganisms helps to reduce the growth of soil-borne pathogens as well. The knowledge of this product to some extent was derived from ‘Vrikshayurveda’ or the science of plant life, which was written more than 2,000 years ago. This ancient text had solutions for everyday problems faced by the farmers that were simple and ensured sustainability in all forms. Modern-day problems being more complex, we carried out multiple tests to add further ingredients to make this product more powerful.


    1. Benefits:
      1. It acts against as a curative and a protective agent for insects and pests attack.
      2. It is a natural product and hence 100% safe with no residual effect.
      3. it has no impact on honey bees and butterflies to impact cross-pollination.
      4. it completely confuses the pests from identifying the host crop and thus they cannot develop resistance against the product.
      5. It acts on a wide range of pests. Hence, the farmers do not have to use multiple products for each pest.
      6. It does not contain any exotic or GMO microbes.

Application procedure:

    1. As a prophylactic spray: Use once in 10 days from the time of germination of seed.
    2. For Infested Crops: Use daily for 15 days and continue once in 10 days after pest is under control.
    Dilute EliminixTM in 1:200 ratio with non-chlorinated water and use as foliar spray preferably between before sunrise and after sunset. Ensure you wet the leaves from top and bottom along with the soil.


    Though the formulation is less toxic, it should be used with caution as it may cause eye and skin irritation. Kindly take the following precautions:
    • Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling
    • Remove and wash contaminated clothing before further use.
    • If in eye, hold the eyelids open, and flush with steady gentle stream of water until burning ceases.
    • If on skin, wash with plenty of soap water, and get medical assistance.

Pack sizes

    • 500 ml Bottle
    • 1 Liter Pet Bottle



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