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1 Ltr,500 ml


Fixil – Bio-Fungicide - FixilTM is a potent organic fungicide made from the extracts of well-chosen herbs found in nature having plant pathogen controlling compounds. These herbs are further fermented with the beneficial microbial consortium. It is very effective against soil borne, seed-borne fungal, bacterial and viral diseases in different plant crops. Fermented herbal extracts along with beneficial microbes help in preventing the growth of harmful and pathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses thereby avoiding damage to crops. The knowledge of this product to some extent was derived from ‘Vrikshayurveda’ or the science of plant life, which was written more than 2,000 years ago. This ancient text had solutions for everyday problems faced by the farmers that were simple and ensured sustainability in all forms. Modern-day problems being more complex, we carried out multiple tests to add further ingredients to make this product more powerful.


    1. Protects seed: from pathogenic fungi and bacteria.
    2. Optimizes seed germination: and thereby quick emergence and better plant establishment with increased plant vigor.
    3. Early and larger root growth: can be realized as makes available soil phosphates and many micro-nutrients to the plants, promotes nitrogen fixing, faster white root development, stimulate cell division and increases stress tolerance.
    4. Higher yield potential: results as larger roots provide better access to moisture and nutrients.
    5. The lowest investment with highest returns.

Application procedure:

    Place the seeds/saplings in a bucket or a mug filled with diluted NatureVelTM – Seed. Dilution rate should be 3 caps in a mug of water or 10 caps in a bucket of water. The time duration for the same would be as follows:
    Size and Type of seed/ sapling Time duration
    Small seed (like mustard) 20-30 minutes
    Mid-sized seed (like cucumber) 30-40 minutes
    Saplings 20-30 minutes
    Large seed (like watermelon) 2-3 hours
    Sugarcane, ginger, banana shoots 20-30 minutes
    Paddy Overnight


    • Dry the seed or sapling in shade before planting to avoid the harmful effects of Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the sun.
    • Care should be taken to ensure that the product is not mixed with any biocide (pesticide, fungicide, weedicide etc) .
    • For best results, ensure adequate quantity of compost is mixed in the soil before the seeds are planted.
    • Store at room temperature and use at the earliest once the bottle is opened. Re-tighten cap after use.

Pack sizes

    • 500 ml Bottle
    • 1 Liter Pet Bottle



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