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NatureVel® – EP (Aquaculture Pond Conditioner) - NatureVel®-Eco Pond is an advanced probiotic formulation for aquatic pond preparation and maintenance. The formulation balances the microbial activity in the pond, thereby treating water at the minimal time, cost and also helps to conserve the pond ecosystem naturally. it provides a conducive environment for the growth of fish and prawns.


    1. NatureVel®-Eco Pond has special bacteria with faster metabolic rate and can thus degrade broad spectrum of organic compounds thereby reducing BOD and COD by 80-90%.
    2. It maintains a healthy environment thereby preventing the occurrence of HPNS/EMS (Hepatopancreatic necrosis) and White Spot Syndrome (WSS) in prawns.
    3. it takes care of surplus feed accumulation at the pond bottom, hence reduces sludge generation.
    4. It strengthens the aquatic ecosystem, conditioning of the pond bottom sediments thereby helps in elevating DO level and decreased foul odour.
    5. The soluble organic matter gets degraded by NatureVel®-Eco Pond and thus improves the clarity of water.
    6. It promotes the growth of beneficial planktons and inhibits the growth of harmful algae.
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Application procedure:

    Multiplication & Activation:
    1. Get a clean or new Jerry Can. Ensure it is thoroughly washed with no residue. Do not use Jerry cans used for carcinogenic chemicals.
    2. Mix 1 litre NatureVel®-Eco Pond with 2 Kg of molasses or jaggery in 17 litres of fresh non-chlorinated water and 50 gms of Clover®Booster
    3. Mix  thoroughly and keep the mixture for 36 hours at room temperature.
    Dosage of Application: 2 litres of extended culture per acre on daily basis throughout the season preferably near the feed area and pond periphery.
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    Caution: Re-tighten cap after use and store at ambient temperature.

Pack sizes

    • 1 liter
    • 5 liters
    • 25 liters



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