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NatureVel®-MB – MLSS builder for wastewater treatment Plants - No biological Wastewater Treatment Plant can run without adequate build up of MLSS (Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids). It is often witnessed that Industry struggles to build up adequate MLSS due to a variety of reasons like non-availability of cow dung, offensive smell and messy operations with the use of cow dung and/ or technical competency. Further, owing to factors like shock load, improper maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant etc the built up MLSS often gets adversely affected. Clover has created an efficient MLSS builder for the Industry to take care of these requirements. NatureVel® – MB is an advanced biotech product containing very high count of beneficial microbes (>25 million/ml) to bring about a revolution in wastewater treatment. The technology helps to build the MLSS and MLVSS (Mixed Liquor Volatile Suspended Solids) in quick time for new plants, seasonal plants or plants with problems building of MLSS or MLVSS for efficient running of the plant. NatureVel®– MB quality is unmatched by other biotech products in the market today.

Application procedure:

    1. Requirement: The buildup of MLSS would take place in the Aeration Tank. The requirement of NatureVel® – MB should be taken out as follows:
      • Measure the total volume of the Tank in liters
      • Divide the number by half.
      • For every 5,000 liters of the above number, 1 liter of multiplied NatureVel® – MB will be needed per day for at least 10-15 days for STPs and 25-30 days for ETPs. See example below: STP Aeration tank volume : 20,000 liters Division by half : 10,000 liters Dosage of NatureVel® – MB/day : 2 liters Requirement for 15 days : 30 liters
    2. Multiplication: NatureVel® – MB first needs to be multiplied to get maximum benefit as per the following graphic and procedure given on the right hand side
    3. Optimal Operating Conditions: For best result apply the product under the following conditions.
      SL # Condition Range Optimum Steps to reach Optimum range
      1 Dissolved oxygen(ppm) 0.8 – 3.5 2.0 If DO is <0.5 mg/l then check the adequacy of aerator and diffuser and if it is not adequate then improve aeration
      2 pH 6.0 – 9.0 7.0 If pH is <6.0 add Lime or commercial grade Sodium Hydroxide. If it is > 9.0 add alum or commercial grade Sulphuric Acid to bring to desired level.
      3 Temperature ( OC) 10 – 40 35 Temperature to be maintained at the source.
      4 Toxic heavy Metals (ppm) Traces None In case of toxicity, primary treatment is required.Raise the pH up to 10 using lime and then bring it down to 7 by using alum. Toxicity should get reduced as a result.
      5 Sludge Volume Index 100-150 125 Maintain the sludge volume index by sludge wastage and sludge re-circulation.
      6 Nutrients (BOD:N: P) 100:5:1 100:5:1 Recommend quantity of nutrient should be maintained by urea and DAP or Su per Phosphate.
      In case of any problems, contact us for further recommendations.


    1. Do not use with any anti-microbial products like phenolic compounds or Chlorine.
    2. Carry out multiplication in clean and air tight containers and in a clean room.
    3. Store in ambient temperature.
    4. Re-tighten cap after use and store at ambient temperature.

Pack sizes

    NatureVel®– MB is available in 1 liter,  5 liter, 25 liter  packing


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    "We have used NatureVel-MB Product of Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd., Dehradun in our 5.5 MLD ETP plant. We observed that MLSS generation in ETP is satisfactory. There is remarkable improvement in our ETP."

    Shree Bhawani Paper Mills Limited

  • "We have tried out the product namely NatureVel-WW to eliminate the bad odour in our Grease Traps & ETP which is manufactured and supplied by M/s Clover Organics Pvt. Ltd. Dehradun. We find this product NatureVel-WW is highly useful and gives wonderful results in odour, BOD, COD & TSS controlling. We are satisfied & happy with its results."

    Bright Star Hotels Pvt. Ltd.


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