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NatureVel®-WW (Wastewater Treatment) - NatureVel® -  WW is a specialty blend of preselected, adapted micro organisms for use in biological  treatment plants receiving waste water from a variety of Industries. NatureVel®-  WW contains a combination of aerobes and facultative an aerobes selected from nature for their ability to breakdown a broad range of natural and man-made organic compounds. NatureVel® - WW is formulated for application in  diverse biological  wastewater. These include Sewage and effluent from Industries like Pulp & Paper, Food processing, Dairy, Brewery, Petroleum Refineries, Textile, Pharmaceutical etc. These plants accept a wide range of organic chemicals, some of which are toxic and/or difficult to degrade. Such chemicals tend to pass through the system due to low degradability or cause a system upset resulting in poor effluent quality and increased operating costs. NatureVel® - WW contains preselected, adapted microbial strains for enhanced bio-degradation capability. When used for preventive maintenance basis, the product can enhance the ongoing operations and improve overall system performance at reduced cost and time.


    1. Reduction in running cost: Consistent usage helps to reduce cost by a large percentage over a period of time in terms of cost of electricity for aeration, addition of chemicals and sludge removal cost.
    2. Meet CPCB norms more stringently: The treated water meets the norms in terms of COD, BOD, TSS, Oil & Grease, pH, Faecal and Total Coliform count.
    3. Increased loading: It can be used in existing STPs and ETPs for improving load-reducing capacity and generating buffering capacity without the need of any structural changes as such. Thus, it improves stability and improves settling.
    4. Water recycling: The treated water can be utilized for non-potable uses like irrigation, floor cleaning etc without any foul odour.
    5. Can even treat Pathogens: Conventional technologies do not effectively reduce the pathogen or Coliform count. It helps to treat Total and Faecal Coliform count to meet CPCB norms.
    6. Reduced sludge buildup: The organic matter is viewed as substrate or 'meat and drink' for our microbes. They convert organic waste into C02 and water. Thus, minimum sludge is generated leading to reduced cost of handling.
    7. Foul Odour Suppression: It suppresses foul odour in any plant where it is used in a matter of a few hours! viii. Shock Load: Can handle shock loads very well to an extent.
    8. Eco-friendly:NatureVel® -WW only contains natural yet beneficial microbes.

Application procedure:

    Application procedure: 1. Requirement: You need 1 litre of NatureVel® - WW every alternate day in a month or 15 litres per month to treat 200 KLD or rn' 2. Multiplication: NatureVel® - WW first needs to be multiplied to get maximum benefitas per the following graphic and procedure. a.Ratio:Multiplication takes place in the ratio of 1: 1: 18 of NatureVe!® - WW: Molasses: Water. Water should be chlorine free. Though this is the ideal ratio, it is possible that certain effluents may get treated at different ratios. Get in touch with us for guidance. b.Preferably new or clean jerry cans or tanks should be used for the same, which can be made airtight. Second hand containers used foroilor chemicals should not be used as they carrythe risk of contamination. c.Take 10 litres of clean and fresh water in a 20 Litre containeralong with 1 Kg molasses or jaggery. Stir thoroughly until they mix. It is preferable to use molasses rather than jaggery, as it easier to dissolve in water. Jaggery needs to be made into thick slurry using warm water before use to easily dissolve in water. Ensure there is no contact with any anti-microbial compounds. d.Pour 1 litre of NatureVeI® -WW into the container and mix thoroughly again. e.Pour balance 8 litres of water in the containerand mix well. There should not be any sedimentationat the bottom. f.Care should be taken to maintain minimum headspace in the container to avoid any contamination from air. g.Check the initial pH. It should be around 5.0 - 6.0 and record it with date. h.Close both the caps of the container in a manner that air does not enter. i.Keep the container in a place of moderate temperature. Avoid direct sun light. Place them inside a shed and not in the open. j.Allow it to ferment for 3-5 days while checking the pH on a daily basis. k.Gradually the pH should come down between 3.5 to 4.0 and at the top surface a white/grey layer shall appear with a sweet to slight sour smell. The multiplied NatureVel - WW is now ready for use. l.Maintain phyto-sanitation conditions throughout. Use clean water, clean containers and clean room. Clean container thoroughly with water after use and leave it out in the sun for a day if possible. Avoid using detergents. m.Do not attempt to re-multiply the already multiplied solution as there would be a drastic fall in the plate count of microbes and the product might not work as a result. 3. Application of Multiplied NatureVel - WW: Multiplied NatureVel - WW should be applied ideally once every 2 days or 15 days in a month through a drip system @ 1: 10 KL or 10,000 litre of wastewater. Kindly note that this ratio can change depending upon the type of effluent and type of plant. Kindly get in touch with us for guidance. In case of any problems, contact us for further recommendations. 4. Optimal Operating Conditions: For best results apply NatureVel - WW within the following range of parameters. In case your plant exceeds the same, get in touch with us. We could assist you in creating the ideal conditions for the same.


    I. Ensure that aeration and sludge recycling pump is on for 24 hours. II. The culture multiplication & culture-dosing tanks should be new and not second hand tanks. They should be washed thoroughly after use and before putting another dose into the plant. All tanks should be kept closed when not in use. III. Culture multiplications tanks need to be made air tight as stated above in Point # 2 (b). IV. Culture multiplication tank(s) should not be kept out in the open. They should be inside a shed and away from direct sunlight. No air-conditioning is needed for the same. V. MLSS, MLVSS (if possible), COD, DO, SVI & pH should be checked at least once a week at a particular time and be recorded. VI. Maintain a separate meter to record energy saving in your plants. VII. There maybe slight gas generation in NatureVel – WW cans or bottles. Avoid breathing this gas. Ensure there is no contact with any anti-microbial compounds.

Pack sizes

    Pack sizes available: 1, 5 and 25 litres



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