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NatureVel®– PS (Wastewater Plant Stabilizer) - NatureVel® –PS, Plant stabilizer is a specialty blend of preselected, adapted microorganisms for use in biological treatment plants receiving wastewater from various sources. NatureVel® – PS contains a combination of aerobes and facultative anaerobes selected from nature for their ability to break down a broad range of natural and man-made organic compounds. It is a brownish liquid having microbial count 2.5 x 106 /ml. Applications: NatureVel® –PS is formulated for regular application in biological wastewater treatment plants (ETP & STP) receiving municipal wastewater & wastewater from all the industries.


    Benefits of using NatureVel® –PS Plant Stabilizer
    1. Reduces running cost of waste water treatment: Consistent usage of NatureVel® –PS, would help to reduce cost by a large percentage over a period of time in terms of cost of electricity for aeration, addition of chemicals and sludge removal cost.
    2. Helps to meet the CPCB norms more stringently: The treated water meets the norms in terms of COD, BOD, TSS, Oil & Grease and Ph much more stringently.
    3. It helps to make existing plants more efficient: Consistent usage of NatureVel® –PS can also make the plant more efficient so that shock loads can be accommodated to a large extent without the need of any structural changes. It improves stability and improves settling.
    4. The water can be recycled: The treated water can be utilized for non-potable uses like irrigation, floor cleaning etc.
    5. Can even treat Pathogens: Conventional technologies do not effectively   reduce the pathogen or Coliform count. NatureVel® –PS helps to efficiently bring down Total and Fecal Coliform.
    6. It can be scaled up to suite any type of operations: The wastewater can be effectively treated on a decentralized system basis at household or community level to centralized treatment systems of large STPs, ETPs, Lakes etc.
    7. Reduced sludge buildup: Generates minimum sludge, hence less sludge handling.
    8. Foul Odour Suppression: NatureVel® –PS suppresses foul odour in any plant where it is used in a matter of few hours.
    9. Eco-friendly: NatureVel® –PS only contains natural yet beneficial microbes.
    10. Hassel Free: Cow dung requires slurry preparation and screening to reduce the TSS content. This is cumbersome and cost intensive whereas addition of NatureVel® –PS is very easy and can be done manually.

Application procedure:

    Multiplied NatureVel® –PS should be applied initially in the ratio of about 1:10,000 ltrs of wastewater on a daily basis for at least 8-10 days into the aerobic and anaerobic system with the help of a simple dripping system. After that reduce the dose of of multiplied culture to once in two days. Optimal Operating Conditions: For best result apply this product under the following condition.
    SL # Condition Range Optimum
    1 Dissolved oxygen (ppm) 0.5 – 3.5 2.0
    2 pH 6.0 – 9.0 7.0
    3 Temperature (OC) 10 – 40 35
    4 Toxic heavy Metals (ppm) Traces None
    5 Sludge Volume Index 100-150 125
    6 Nutrients (BOD: N: PO4) 100:5:1 100:5:1


    • Do not use with any anti-microbial products like phenolic compounds or Chlorine.
    • Carry out multiplication in clean and air tight containers and in a clean room.
    • Store in ambient temperature.
    • Re-tighten cap after use and store at ambient temperature.

Pack sizes

    • 1 liter Pet Bottles
    • 5 liter Cans
    • 25 liter Cans



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