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1 Ltr,100 ml

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Happy GardenTM(Plant Growth Promoter for Gardens) - Happy Garden is a liquid concentrate being manufactured in the state of the art factory of Clover. It contains multiple naturally occurring microorganisms like Lactobacillus, Yeast and Photosynthetic bacteria. The plate count of the microbes is > 25 million cfu and a shelf life of 12 months. flowers


    • The leaves become darker and contain a shine on them within 1 month of continued application.
    • Excellent white root development can also be seen within 1 month.
    • There is more flowering with darker colour. Even the cut flowers stay for longer period of time.
    • The soil becomes more fertile.
    • Brings back nature back into play in your garden, which is evident by an increase in the birds and the butterflies!

Application procedure:

    1. Dilute 2 caps in a watering can or 5 caps in a bucket of 20 liter capacity.
    2. Wet soil and leaves of the plant.
    3. To be repeated once every week.
    4. To be sprayed after sun down.


    • Do not use with any pesticide or fungicide. Give a gap of 10 days if used.
    • Ensure presence of compost in the soil before application.
    • Store in ambient temperature.
    • Re-tighten cap after use and store at ambient temperature.

Pack sizes

    1. 100 ml
    2. 1 Liter



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