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1 Ltr,500 ml


NatureVel® – Seed (Seed Germination Enhancer) - Once the seed is planted, it is important that germination occurs uniformly and quickly. NatureVelTM - Seed has been formulated by the in-house R&D team of Clover. It is a liquid, which contains a consortium of 10 microbes, with a plate count > 20 million cfu.


    1. Protects seed: from pathogenic fungi and bacteria.
    2. Optimizes seed germination: and thereby quick emergence and better plant establishment with increased plant vigor.
    3. Early and larger root growth: can be realized as makes available soil phosphates and many micro-nutrients to the plants, promotes nitrogen fixing, faster white root development, stimulate cell division and increases stress tolerance.
    4. Higher yield potential: results as larger roots provide better access to moisture and nutrients.
    5. The lowest investment with highest returns.

Application procedure:

    Place the seeds/saplings in a bucket or a mug filled with diluted NatureVelTM – Seed. Dilution rate should be 3 caps in a mug of water or 10 caps in a bucket of water. The time duration for the same would be as follows:
    Size and Type of seed/ sapling Time duration
    Small seed (like mustard) 20-30 minutes
    Mid-sized seed (like cucumber) 30-40 minutes
    Saplings 20-30 minutes
    Large seed (like watermelon) 2-3 hours
    Sugarcane, ginger, banana shoots 20-30 minutes
    Paddy Overnight


    • Dry the seed or sapling in shade before planting to avoid the harmful effects of Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the sun.
    • Care should be taken to ensure that the product is not mixed with any biocide (pesticide, fungicide, weedicide etc) .
    • For best results, ensure adequate quantity of compost is mixed in the soil before the seeds are planted.
    • Store at room temperature and use at the earliest once the bottle is opened. Re-tighten cap after use.

Pack sizes

    • 500 ml Bottle
    • 1 Liter Pet Bottle



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