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NatureVel® – AQ (Liquid Growth Promoter for Fish and Prawns) -

Pro-biotic Shrimp and Fish Feed Additive:
NatureVel® - AQ is the most advanced biotech products to bring about wide scale benefits for aquaculture farmers for growing prawns and fish. The products balance the microbial activity, build up the immune system in aquatic life and increase their output and quality at least possible cost and time. As a result, farmers earn higher income through increased yield, and better rates owing to superior quality besides reduced cost of production. NatureVel® - AQ is a liquid concentrate that contains multiple strains of Lactobacillus, Yeast and Photosynthetic microbes. It can be applied directly or first activated through a simple process. It is manufactured from naturally occurring microbes found in curd, bread etc. The microbes are non-GM (Genetically Modified) and not exotic. Ideally, the product should be used along with Clover® - AQ in order to get the best results.


    1. Helps to clean water: They help to decompose the excreta of fish or prawns, remaining food materials etc and converts them into CO2 and inorganic salts, which, provide the nutrition for the growth of micro algae and reduction of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). It also decomposes organic waste in the bottom of the pond. This leads to an increase in DO (Dissolved Oxygen). The rise in DO helps oxidation and decomposition of the organic materials and for the respiration of the microbes and aquatic life. This cycle stabilizes pH and improves the essential nutrient cycle thereby ensuring good quality water at all times.
    2. Reduction in DO level: helps to reduce cost for the farmers by reducing the need for aeration, chemicals to clean the water and sludge removal cost.
    3. Reduces mortality: They competitively inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria or produce substances that inhibit the growth of the pathogenic bacteria or Vibrios. It helps to reduce mortality in fish and prawns by controlling dreaded diseases like white spot and yellow head syndrome and building up their immunity system.
    4. They create better molting for prawns.
    5. Suppress foul odour: They help to suppress foul odour in a matter of a few hours created by gases like NH3 & H2S.
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Application procedure:

    1. NatureVel® - AQ : The following steps need to be taken for application of the product:
      1. Activation: Before application, NatureVel® - AQ need to be activated. The procedure helps ‘wake up’ the microbes in NatureVel® - AQ and at the same time increase them in numbers to spread all over the pond. This can be done simply by following the steps shown below and in the graphic .
        • We suggest that the procedure is carried out between 4 to 6 PM for next day application.
        • Take a 20 L clean plastic container.
        • Add 1 Kg jaggery or molasses. Molasses is preferable as it can easily dissolve in water.
        • Pour 18 L of clean water and mix well. You could initially fill only half container and mix all the ingredients. Later pour the remaining water for easier mixing. The water should be filled to the top.
        • Close the container properly. Normally containers have sealable and a screw on lid. Ensure both are tightened properly.
        • Keep this container in shade and away from sunlight for at least 12 hours.
        • Apply next day between 7 – 10 AM.
      2. SHRIMP: Apply ‘activated’ 20L mixture per Acre WSA (Water Surface Area) preferably all sides of feeding zone and occasionally in the middle of the pond. Apply 2 days before seed stocking to promote plankton and stabilize water quality. Thereafter continue application once every 14 days.
      3. FISH: Apply ‘activated’ 10 L mixture per Hectare WSA (Water Surface Area) between 7 and 10 AM once every 14 days.
    NOTE: The dosage can be increased or decreased based on water quality, stocking density and as per the advise of Technician.
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    • Re-tighten cap after use and store at ambient temperature.
    • Do not mix with any anti-microbial compounds.

Pack sizes

    • 1 liter
    • 5 liters
    • 25 liters



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