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Household Composting

Household Composting

Have you ever thought about how much household waste we generate in a day? According to an Environmental Research report, individual middle-class residents in big cities generate nearly 0.8 kg of waste per day. And nearly 60% or more of the daily waste generated in households is made up of organic matter. Composting is

Clover’s Enclosed composting model for carrying out composting even without cow-dung!

the best way to handle your food waste. You can convert your daily

Clover’s Bio-Cap technology to take care of all your household waste

dustbin contents into rich, organic manure and grow flowers, vegetables or plants with it.Traditionally composting at home was done in a pit in the corner of a garden. Today a pit is not always a viable option owing to lack of land. Most urban Indians are not aware that you can significantly improve urban waste problems by composting at home.Clover has come up with several innovative methods of composting. For household level composting, you can use our Bio-Cap (fermentation technology) or Enclosed composting (aerated composting technology) methods of getting the best quality compost for your plants and gardens. Download our manual today for more information. You could also carry out composting with Daily Dump technologies.


  • Compost can be made within 10-15 days with Bio Cap and within 45 days with ‘Enclosed Composting’.
  • The compost is hygienic and odour-free.
  • The compost creates more nutrients in your soil.


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