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Industrial/Municipal Composting

Industrial/Municipal Composting

At Clover, we pride ourselves to be one of the best Companies in India to offer large scale composting solutions for our clients. Composting is a science that needs to be understood. We can technically to manage both Municipal Solid Waste or Organic waste from Industrial operations. Often there are challenges of complex biomass with high lignin content or wax coating etc that are difficult to break down. There are constraints of space, water, mechanization etc.We can help make compost in a decentralized or centralized manner. Right from household level, society level, factory level or city level. We are working with many organizations like United Phosphorous, IL&FS, Panipat Distilleries, Loktak Lake Development etc on waste management. Testimonials can be provided on request.

We have created different methods of composting to suit almost all types of Biomass or situations. Some of them are : Windrow method, Enclosed composting & Heap method.

Our solutions ensure that our clients receive the best quality compost at the least possible time and cost.

Benefits of using clover technologies:

  • An SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) is provided and implemented to ensure that Best Practices are employed to create the best quality compost at least possible time and cost.
  • A simple yet comprehensive monitoring system is implemented to enable us to take proactive actions if and when needed.
  • Each windrow or compost heap is tested for Temperature and Moisture on a cross section basis. This enables building of a matrix to compare against standard norms.
  • We post our own manpower to assist large scale projects for implementing our SOP.
  • Best use of Natural Elements like air flow are factored into the solution to reduce time and cost.
  • Foul odour is suppressed during composting operations leading to comfortable surroundings for the workers & minimizing of threat of any epidemic.


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