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Farmer Driven Extension

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Farmer Driven Extension

This model is based on following facts:

  • Farmers have always been consulting progressive farmers on general and specific issues.
  • Farmers can be regarded as excellent agricultural scientists in their own right.
  • Farmers trust fellow farmers more than any external agency.

The model centers around recognizing the progressive farmers and giving them their due respect on one hand, adding value to this bond further by imparting further knowledge to these farmers and helping them to train fellow farmers in a certain area. It does not envisage any expensive investment but is based on providing essential needs only. These farmers would be able to earn on their own while providing these services in many ways. thus, it shall be financially self-sustainable model.



  • Community led extension – more permanent.
  • Deeper penetration, even to remote areas.
  • Self reliant and sustainable – Cheaper – just need initial handholding.
  • Better information sharing.
  • Building blocks for ICS (Internal Control System)
  • Marketing (inputs and crop).
  • Mini hubs for technology transfer.
  • Hubs for spreading government schemes, which normally are not even made aware by the current extension system.
  • Source for income-generation for the community.


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