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Farmer Driven Markets

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Farmer Driven Markets

Farmer Driven Markets to cater to local demands rather than exports outside the States has many advantages. These are as follows:
  • Local market-more stable: Farmers often become victims of middle-men working in ‘Mandis’ when they attempt to sell outside the State or in Mandis. On an average farmers receive < 20% of retail rates. Local markets are more stable and offer better rates.
  • Financially self-sustainable: The model over a period of time will become financially self-sustaining once initial hand holding is carried out. Regular investments are not necessary.
  • Already happening – simply up scale and felicitate further: In many places small and marginal farmers set up small shops to sell their produce. We simply need to scale up the operations.
  • Higher rate for the farmers: By weeding out the middle-men and shortening the value chain, the farmers end up getting a higher rate for their produce.
  • Arrest of flights of capital from the state – improved standard of living by the people.
  • Transportation cost minimal: Bringing locally grown food to near by towns and villages will reduce transport costs for the farmers, which would a lot higher if he was looking to sell to far away ‘Mandis’ or customers.
  • Reduction in ‘food miles’ or carbon foot print – reduced congestion on roads.
  • Reduction in cost of food: It is entirely possible that the rate of the produce might become lower as the farmers get higher margins.
  • Farmers learn better market dynamics: By meeting customers directly, the farmers get educated on their requirements and change accordingly.
  • Better quality and diversification: The produce is fresh and without chemicals unlike the food imported from the plains or from far away areas.
  • Preference for Local produce: There is an existing preference for local as compared to imported due to freshness, chemical free and emotional buying decision.

Enhancing the income of the farmers manifold!




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