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Formation of Organic Board

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Formation of Organic Board

For small States, rain-fed areas, areas of environmental concerns like Indo-Gangetic plains, mountains, islands etc. not adopting organic farming is like a fish out of water! It is a MUST. In order to make it a reality, creation of a Board is necessary for integration of efforts.

For organic farming to be implemented, it is mandatory that there is a focused approach and it transcends across various segments like agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, aquaculture, forest, rural development, urban development, tourism etc. In almost all States, it has been found that these departments work on their separate agendas rather than take up a concentrated approach. This leads to wastage of efforts, time and resources and confusion amongst the farmers.



  • Consolidation of efforts of ALL departments.
  • Single window for all organic initiatives.
  • Higher efficiency – managed by professionals.
  • Cost reduction – no repetition of work.
  • Higher accountability and ownership.


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