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Implementing Organic Farming as a Service Provider

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Implementing Organic Farming as a Service Provider

State Governments and the Corporate sectors wish to implement organic farming for the benefit of the community. The implementation process has many issues to address. These include:

  • Carrying out a survey to asses the need to go organic and documenting key parameters for the same in terms of production and marketing.
  • Designing the approach based on survey conducted that would be best suited for the region in terms of what to grow, how to grow, where to market etc. The approach needs to be market driven.
  • Designing Package of Practices for crops shortlisted based on existing practices or ITKs
  • Working out logistics for carrying out local marketing of produce.
  • Hiring, training and grooming need based manpower for the project to assist the farmers.
  • Implementing a need based certification regime to win the trust of consumers.
  • Carrying out daily and monthly documentation of the project.
  • Supplying organic certified inputs like Growth promoters, composting agents, bio-pesticides etc.

Clover can assist all stakeholders in implementing organic farming in a professional manner, that ensures highest productivity for the farmers at the least amount of cost and time. Get in touch with us today!!


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