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Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions

One needs to think ‘out of the box’ simple methods of increasing yield at least possible cost for the farmers. Clover has been creating these new methods & even consolidating Indigenous Technical  knowledge of farmers in a bid to share this knowledge with farmers.

Some of these highly innovative, ecological & economical models, which have already been tried and tested, are listed below. We urge everyone to work with these models & maybe improve upon them. Share with us your experiences so that we may be able to help others!!

  • Vertical Farming: Method of increasing yield of vegetable crops> 30 times within same land area.
  • Energy Pillars: Method of giving organic nutrients to trees without making compost.
  • Clover Mulch: Often forgetten system of ensuring minimum water requirement, weed eradication & giving nutrients to crops at the same time. The system has been further improved by Clover.
  • Liquid Mulching: Method of eradicating weeds while growing paddy through an organic yet simple method.


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