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Vertical Farming

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Vertical Farming

Imagine being able to produce enough food to feed your family on your balcony or terrace!! The method can also ensure food sufficiency for small landholders or subsistence farmers.
The system is very cost economical and offers flexibility in terms what you want to grow. It offers multiple benefits as follows:

  • Cost-effective optimum production from a very small area.
  • No extra cost or labour for weed or disease management is necessary, as nature has been emulated to proactively reduce weed and disease incidences in the system itself.
  • About 6-7 different vegetables can be grown together.
  • The pillar can be made with locally available material like bamboo, cane, plastic drums etc.
  • Irrigation is carried out innovatively and simply once a week.
  • We ‘grow fertility’ within the pillar. Hence there is very little requirement for compost through out the year.
  • The whole process is organic.
  • Can be taken up as a business by anyone – we are prepared to train anyone interested.


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