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Sustainable Animal Husbandry

Sustainable Animal Husbandry

The presence of pollution creates an imbalance where the harmful microbes dominate, thereby slowly destroying the natural resources. Re-creating this microbial balance leads to miracles of better yield and quality at minimal cost for the farmers. NatureVelAH helps to restore this balance by introducing powerful microbes in the area, which create a suitable environment for the beneficial microbes to thrive and thereby increase their presence. MICROBES SUSTAIN LIFE: We owe our very existence to beneficial microorganisms. as they
For thousands of years, people had no concept or knowledge of organisms invisible to the naked eye. Even today, mankind knows very little about these amazing creatures. M a n y p e o p l e t h i n k o f microorganisms mainly in terms of ‘germs’ or ‘bugs’ causing diseases. Microorganisms help produce the food we eat and also help digest it, purify the water we drink, help in producing oxygen that we breathe. They are source for antibiotics that have enabled the cure of numerous diseases. They are responsible for decomposing waste that is produced on a daily basis amongst many other important tasks. They also look after the health of birds and animals thereby ensuring reduction in mortality, better FCR and reduction in cost. The type of microorganisms and their population have a direct bearing on health of animal & birds and natural resources, including soil. Higher the count of beneficial microorganisms, the more efficient would be the animals husbandry operation and vice-versa. Herbs Help In Healthy Living: Unlike the beneficial microorganisms, herbs have been around for over 5,000 years and have been used for various purposes by mankind. Among the main benefits of Herbs, the most important is that it helps in cleansing, purifying and normalizing body functions without the anxiety of side effects.
They personify nature build the natural environment in which we live and sustain it at the same time.

Herbs are used in our food like Ginger, Garlic, Tulsi, Basil and Thyme etc. They not only add flavour to our food, but also bring with them essential nutrients for the body and create better digestion. There is a large demand for herbal cosmetics. More and more people are switching over to natural products rather than chemically laced products. It has been scientifically proven that herbs are an effective medium in not only treating various diseases in animals, but also building up their immune system, increasing their fertility, reducing stress etc. Collaboration: Our technical partners, BIOSA, Denmark, have perfected the technique of combining many beneficial microbes and herbs to offer the best possible natural means to bring prosperity to the farmers while conserving the environment. The microorganisms take out the essential enzymes of herbs responsible for offering these benefits through a scientific manufacturing process. Biosa is operating in more than 30 Countries worldwide with a strong R & D background. NatureVel – AH is a brand created, manufactured and marketed in India specifically for the Animal Husbandry segment by Clover Organic Pvt. Ltd. under agreement with Biosa, Denmark. It is certified organic and hence does not need any protective clothing for application. The microbes are Non-GM (Genetically Modified) and not exotic. NatureVel – AH is an advanced technology, as 1.It uses a combination of TEN different beneficial microorganisms like Lactobacillus, Photosynthetic bacteria and yeast. 2. There is a very high population of beneficial microbes (> 25 million cfu/ml) 3.It is a combination of both herbs and microbes. 4.The product is tailor made for animal husbandry. 5.It has a shelf life of 1 year.


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