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Sustainable Sanitation

Sustainable Sanitation

Chemical cleaners clean dirt but also hurt the environment. Toxic chemicals leach into the ground water and cause harm. There is always a safety issue with children and pets who might come in contact with them. Some reports suggest chances of getting cancer by walking bare feet on the floors cleaned with these cleaners. These cleaners tend to kill ALL microbes and not only the harmful ones. As a result, they adversely affect the septic tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) leading to sludge build up, offensive odour and sometimes not meeting the Pollution Control Board.

Clover®- Clean MPC Multi-purpose cleaner has been designed to offer a simple solution to all your cleaning needs with no adverse impact on the environment.

It is a liquid concentrate that contains the metabolites of beneficial microbes such as found in curd, yogurt and bread and various enzymes like Protease, Lipase etc. The product is further supplemented with organic surfactants and natural aromatic oils. All these are delicately balanced to offer optimum benefits to the end user. The product is safe to handle and no harmful chemicals are present.

Clover®- Clean MPC carries out cleaning in four ways.

  • The microbes present eat into the dirt and grime and reduce the population of harmful microbes.
  • The same microbes help open up clogged pipes.
  • Organic surfactants break down the FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease).
  • The aromatic oils (Jasmine) deodorise the area where the product has been applied and leaves a pleasant odour.

Thus complete sanitisation is assured at all times. Bring nature into your homes, offices and work place by embracing Clover® – Clean MPC!!


The product needs to be simply diluted in water and used across different application areas. The multiple areas of application, dilution rates and benefits of Clover® – Clean MPC are given in the table:

Area Benefits Application
Floors Cleans dirt and grime. Even cleans the dirt between tiles. Daily mopping of floors after diluting 1 cap per litre of water. Dilution can go up to 4 to 5 caps in half a bucket of water as well.
Bathrooms Cleans dirt and grime from urinals, WCs, bath-tubs and floors. Suppresses foul odour, leaves a pleasant odour. Cleans the septic tank or STP installed to some extent Use Clover ® Clean MPC by adding 7 to 8 caps in a mug of water or Spray Bottle of 1 litre capacity. Concentrated Clover ® Clean MPC may also be used for tough stains.
After application, rub surface and later wipe dry with a clean cloth or a mop. Use an old toothbrush to clean not easily accessible areas like filters of air-conditioners.
Appliances Cleans dirt, grime from kitchen counters, appliances, cup-boards, refrigerators, cold storage, air – conditioners, soot from chimneys. It leaves a pleasant odour and cleans the septic tank or STP installed as well.

Condition of switches before and after cleaning with Clover® – Clean MPC. The product performs well both on plastic and tiles.

Condition of tiles before and after cleaning with Clover® – Clean MPC. Note that even the space between tiles has got cleaned.


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