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Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

CPCB states that India has built infrastructure to treat <25% of wastewater generated. What they do not say is that only a % of this infrastructure is being used efficiently to ensure their norms are being met at all times! The absence of infrastructure on one hand and mismanagement on the other side is leading to destruction of land and water bodies, that were once pristine and pure. Further, efficient maintenance of wastewater treatment plants is often met by using a lot of energy and large quantities of chemicals, that not only erode sustainability, but also deters organizations from investing large sums to set up and maintain their plants properly.

Nature has been cleaning wastewater for centuries! It does it without using any energy or harmful chemicals as inputs and no supervision. Nature has created its own ’Tools’ in the form of beneficial microbes, plants and simple and natural designs that help clean up unwanted pollutant to maintain the ecosystem. The efficiency of these tools is unbelievable! They do their job perfectly without any supervision and ensure the ecological balance is not disturbed! Clover has realised the importance of these ‘Natural Tools’ of nature and adopted them for eliminating the pollutants. The application methodology is innovative and is a mix of environmental engineering and biotechnology. We have thus come up with many natural solutions to help clean up wastewater and restore natural water bodies like lakes, ponds and streams to their pristine glory!


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    "“ There was a remarkable reduction in the pollution load within just 11 days of treatment. ….We are using the treated water for gardening within our factory complex…”"


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    "“.. BOD reduced to 15 mg/L and COD reduced to 66 mg/L. This was on an average 42% reduction. The DO levels increased from 5.24 mg/L to 5.80 mg/L. There was a reduction in foul odour as well within a month of their service...." "The Company extended good after sales service to us. They not only solved our problems, but are in constant touch ....""

    SAB Miller

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    "“…WE found them very much active and alert in maintaining the plant. With their services the following achievement has been observed: BOD reduction was by 59.80% to 15 ppm, COD reduced by 49.32% to 75 ppm, TSS reduced by 63.13% to 20 ppm. No foul odour was there. Clarity of water was well within the norms.”"

    Camlin kokuyo

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