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Maintenance of ETP & STP

Maintenance of ETP & STP

Clover has not only come up with an innovative and ecological method to maintain existing plants to their optimum level, but also implemented the method with a number of prestigious clients across India. We ensure that the plants run efficiently at all times at the least possible cost at norms laid down by CPCB. As a result, we are proud to say that our list of clients is growing slowly but surely! What sets us apart from the rest are as follows:
  • Pr-Maintenance audit: Clover assesses the plant thoroughly and recommends changes if needed in order to make the plant more efficient.
  • Bio-augmentation: Based on our findings we make a tailor made plan for introducing our powerful yet natural microbes into the plant. Their presence ensures reduction of cost of running the plant in terms of reduction in harmful chemicals and energy usage.
  • View wastewater treatment plants as a factory: There is strict control on quality of raw material in any good factory. For wastewater plants, the situation is reversed! The parameters fluctuates with time, but often ignored. Clover team of trained personnel will be alert all the times to take preventive action in case of a change in effluent characteristics.
  • Prevention better than cure: We routinely do preventive maintenance of all components of the plant. This saves cost, time and effort in the long run. All our staff are also given Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well to ensure safety at all times.
  • Strict documentation: We document all aspects of running of the plant on a daily basis..
  • Monthly report: We make and send a monthly report on the health of the plant with our clients.
  • Capacity Optimization: We ensure that the plant runs at full capacity at all times, which is seldom seen in many plants.
  • Internal Lab Support: We have our own sophisticated Laboratory for testing wastewater not only for CPCB parameters, but also for microbial level study.


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