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Lake & Pond Restoration

Lake & Pond Restoration

Many lakes have been subjected to an ever-increasing load of nutrients and sediments, resulting in decreased lake water quality by the development within watersheds have increased greatly in recent years. Increased nutrient loadings are most commonly due to excessive use of fertilizers, malfunctioning septic systems, poor erosion control and improper waste disposal within the watershed. As development continues to increase, the amount of total hard–surfaced area also increases and the volume and velocity of the water moving through the watershed into surface waters is increased. This run-off erodes soils and transports organic materials and nutrients from surface soils. Inorganic materials, in the form of sand, silt, and clay are also transported to receiving waters, resulting in decreased lake water quality and depth.Lakes are critical to our survival as they store excess water from heavy rainfall events, help retain groundwater levels, are biodiversity hotspots and moderate the climate.Clover has the vast experience and expertise in the restoration of lake and other water bodies.


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