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New Plants – Green Technology all the way!!

New Plants – Green Technology all the way!!

Industry always looks for quality and cost-economic solutions for treating wastewater. While most offer chemical solutions, we offer a combination of Bio-technology and Environmental Engineering to offer enhanced benefits, just the way Nature works! While our consortium of Microbes treats the wastewater, our plants provide the necessary environment form them to do their work efficiently.
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We strangely found that though microbes do most of the work, they are rarely addressed except for measuring the MLSS or MLVSS, which is rudimentary at best! Microbes, not only clean wastewater, but also hold the power to address specific issues.
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The benefits of combining both these technologies for you are as follows:

  • Low cost but highly efficient Plants: We have designed plants, that can be created within 30-40% cost of conventional plants.
  • Improved settling characteristics of sludge, thereby removing conventional components required for settling.
  • While running, our plants need no or very less energy for aeration and chemicals as compared to conventional plants.
  • Low day today operation and maintenance Cost.
  • Lower space requirement. In fact our MST plant is completely underground, hence does not need any space at all!
  • Less sludge generation.
  • Suppression of foul odour & vector.
  • The treatment technology would be completely eco-friendly so there shall not be any adverse effect on the environment

Thus, you not only save substantial Capital costs and running costs, but also save in space needed to install the plant. Packed with one year onsite warranty, with an option to increase warranty period through an AMC it means that you can focus on your core activities and leave the rest to us!!

We can offer plants ranging from 10 KLD to 50 MLD through by merging the two technologies together.


Clover – Modified Septic Tank (MST) – treating water under ground without any energy or chemicals.

Clover's Phytomic Treat

Clover’s Phytomic Technology for treating wastewater the way nature does! No energy or chemicals are used!








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