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Sewage Drain Treatment

Sewage Drain Treatment

Imagine being able to treat sewage water while flowing in the drain itself with the help of Bio-mimicry!!
The storm water drains constructed in most towns and cities have been known to carry sewage rather then storm water. Most cities do not even have an STP to treat the same.The flowing sewage leads to foul odour, flies and vectors like mosquitoes and flies. This invariably leads to various water borne and vector borne diseases amongst people living close to these drains.
To compound the problem further, these drains often empty out into water bodies like rivers and lakes further compounding the problem and ruining natural resources.

Clover Organic provides a solution that is a unique combination of microbiological and process technology that is synergistic in reducing contamination in drains. This solution was conceived while mimicking the self-cleansing process of rivers. Central Pollution Control Board had selected Clover’s technology for a pilot. CPCB order was provided and our presentation has also been loaded on CPCB website.

The solutions has the following benefits:

  • Minimal Infrastructure requirement.
  • There are no infrastructure changes as such in the drains.
  • The cost of treatment is negligible.
  • There is no energy usage.
  • There is no chemical usage.
  • There is an at least 40-50% reduction in pollution levels.
  • There would be several technologies working in tandem to ensure results.

It is perceived that with this method:

  • Large water bodies like rivers and lakes can be cleaned at a fraction of the cost of conventional practices once external sources of pollution are treated through this method.
  • Natural resources, which are otherwise being destroyed, can be conserved as well.

We found that rivers clean themselves through four distinct cleaning processes, which run simultaneously. More details of this technology can be seen in our leaflets.


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